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Robyn Dixon Downsizing to a 2-Bedroom Townhouse on RHOP Is the Realest Moment in Housewives History

While the Real Housewives of Atlanta undoubtedly holds the crown for shadiest group of black women on reality TV, the Real Housewives of Potomac is coming for that peach with their cherry blossoms.

But for Robyn Dixon, the so-called “ex-wife” of former NBA player Juan Dixon (they still live and sleep together…), shit got really real when her grand ol’ home in Potomac, Md. was foreclosed on.

Usually, when Housewives go through financial hardship, they figure out a way to play it off as if it’s either a conscious choice to “downsize” or as a temporary setback that they will quickly recover from.

Robyn, however, is clearly not one for the pretenses because homegirl packed her shit up and moved 45 minutes away from Potomac to live in a two-bedroom townhouse, just outside of Baltimore in Hanover, Md. Rather than hide her sorry state of affairs and insist that she film away from home, Robyn invited the cameras (and the world) into her very modest home.

When Gizelle came over to visit Robyn, the producers couldn’t help but highlight just how small Robyn’s new house was.

Peep this shade:

And enjoy this tour (very brief) tour of the two-bedroom home which has her two boys crammed in a small bedroom, and Robyn and Juan looking like they’re sharing a queen mattress in a cramped “master” bedroom.

Gizelle, who happens to call herself a friend of Robyn, held her tongue, but you could see even she was startled by how far Robyn has tumbled financially. When she pulled up to Robyn’s house in her fresh, white Range Rover, the disdain on her face looked as if she’d stepped out into Southeast Washington, D.C.

But none of that seemed to phase Robyn and she was perfectly happy admitting that her financial woes forced her and her “roommate” Juan Dixon to re-evaluate and reprioritize their lives.

Robyn Dixon can shop at Payless and Target and be OK with it. And that’s a good thing for Real Housewives because we need a few bitches who don’t act like their shit doesn’t stink.

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