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A Guide to Crown Molding

Molding is something that has been used in ancient times but is still being used today in many homes. From carved wood paneling to decorative metal molding, these types of molding can be used to give accent to your home.

If it is used with the right aesthetic, the old-fashioned crown-molding can look modern as well.

Crown molding is typically installed on the adjoining angle between two walls. 1/2 or 1/3 down the wall, the crown molding runs.

In order to brighten up or add dimension to a room, crown molding is painted a different color from the wall.

Wood is used in traditional crown molding. If you care correctly for your wooden crown molding, then it can look great on your home that will last for a long time.

But wooden crown molding tend to swell and shrink, so wood is not the best material to use for your crown molding if you live under extreme weather conditions. If, however, you are living under extreme weather conditions, wood may not be the best material for your crown molding since it will tend to swell and shrink.

You can also use polyurethane as material for your crown molding. Polyurethane is not as expensive as wood and is very durable. However, polyurethane cannot be stained so you need to paint it. A natural wood look cannot be achieved if you use polyurethane for your crown molding.

If your material of choice is plaster, then it has to be made directly to order. This makes it one of the most expensive materials for crown molding. It is one material is that will stand the test of time and weather longer than any other material. However, this is extremely hard to install and will need professional to do it. The reason for this is that it is extremely heavy and can crack easily when transported and installed.

Polystyrene can also be used for your crown molding and it is light, foamy, and inexpensive. Because it is light and foamy, you don’t need to saw it but a sharp knife can do the job of cutting it, and you don’t need to hammer it in. You can use construction adhesive to secure it on the wall since it is a very light material.

The term crown molding would make us think of decorative crown molding. It has an intricate design and an expensive look. if you use it in the right room, beauty and dimension is added.

If you go for a recycled crown molding, then it is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. What goes into the landfill will be reduced.

When breaking up a room, the ancient Greeks used molds. Different shapes of molds were used including the ellipse, the parabola, or the hyperbola. They divide the bigger spaces into smaller units visually with the use of these molds. When Romans divide spaces they use quarter-round and half-round circle shape; it is also used for aesthetics. So many flexible molding materials can be built by individuals or businesses with a combination of classic and modern technology.

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