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Ebro Blasts Charlamagne for Entertaining Conservative Pundit Tomi Lahren, Says It’s “Slave Mentality” to Seek White Acceptance

Hot 97 is not here for rival Charlamagne tha God’s budding relationship with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren. Hosts Ebro and Peter Rosenberg went on air Tuesday (Dec. 5) to blast Charlamagne claiming it’s “slave mentality” for the Power 105 personality to seek white acceptance.

As host of her web show, TheBlaze, Lahren’s ultra-conservative views have sparked heavy debates, specifically on Twitter. She’s compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK, criticized Colin Kaepernick and Beyoncé, and is a staunch Donald Trump supporter.

Lahren recently appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to discuss their differing opinions. The two later had drinks together at hotel bar.

Following the Daily Show appearance, Lahren and Charlamagne were seen strolling down NYC streets, hoping to understand each other’s perspectives better. The Breakfast Club host even asked the 24-year-old white woman if she believed “black penises matter.”

So yeah, none of this is sitting OK with Ebro and Rosenberg. “What I’m seeing is what I call slave mentality taking place,” Ebro says of Noah and Charlamagne. However, his rant continues to specifically target Charlamagne.

“The problem I have today is that you’re trying too hard to be accepted by mainstream White America… You do not have to get on TV and Sambo like that, bro.” He even calls out the host for allegedly bleaching his skin.

Ebro was also joined by Rosenberg via phone. However, Rosenberg went on his own rant over Lahren & Charlamagne (and Noah) on Twitter.

its amazing that people are blind enough to think this dude is good for the culture … PLEASE WAKE UP …unreal

— HTTRosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) December 3, 2016

…. @Trevornoah @cthagod … anyone else want to help make this person more relevant?! AS SHE MOCKS BLACK LIVES MATTER?! come on people

— HTTRosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) December 3, 2016

the devil dosen't always wear horns and a shirt that says devil guys…sometimes he wears promo t-shirts and light foundation

— HTTRosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) December 3, 2016

and I came around a LITTLE BIT on @Trevornoah having her on his show but then he had to go have drinks with her at her hotel?! FAM come on

— HTTRosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) December 3, 2016

Charlamagne has not addressed the issue verbally, but he did post a “positive note of the day” on Instagram shortly following Rosenberg and Ebro’s rants.

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