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“All Lives Matter” Sage Steele Replaced With White Woman on Popular ESPN Show, Black Twitter Celebrates

They say you should never revel in someone else’s misfortune. But sometimes the universe works in hilarious ways. Black Twitter practically threw an impromptu party after learning Sage Steele was fired from ESPN.

Though Black Twitter celebrated like she was, Steele was not technically fired. ESPN announced Tuesday (Apr. 4) that Michelle Beadle will replace Steele as the host of NBA Countdown, effectively immediately.

Many believed the controversial sportscaster was exiting the network as ESPN is expected to make layoffs soon. However, Steele’s role is merely changing.

She will continue to appear on SportsCenter on the Road and will have an “expanded on-site presence at events such as the Masters, World Series, Super Bowl, the College Football Playoff, and College Football National Championship.”

Though, avid ESPN viewers say this is clearly a demotion.

Steele has faced heavy social media criticism recently due to some of her viewpoints. She opposed athletes kneeling or not standing during the National Anthem and adheres to the dreaded/ignorant “All Lives Matter” phrase in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.

She recently became a social media topic because she was upset that protesters against 45’s Muslim travel ban caused her to miss her flight.

So, all of this problematic behavior aided in Black Twitter’s delight that she had been removed from the popular ESPN show.

Sage Steele was just clowning on Kaepernick for being unemployed….life comes at you fast

— trash staples (@3230PoppyStreet) April 4, 2017

Also Twitter when Sage Steele was replaced by Michelle Beadle. ??

— Erick Fernandez (@ErickFernandez) April 4, 2017

So Sage Steele has been buck dancing and cooning for the past 2 years and STILL got replaced by a white woman.

— Gabriel Bell (@gdbell87) April 4, 2017

Tomi Lahren and Stacey Dash are about to start the All Lives Matter News Network with Sage Steele on sports and a climate denier on weather

— brion tarnation (@whoisbrionrock) April 4, 2017

When Sage Steele and Stacey Dash see Tomi Lahren and KellyAnn Conway

— (V)ike {ampbe|| (@MC_Proper) April 4, 2017

Sage Steele is being replaced
Black people:

— Be? Humble? (@_Petty_Adjacent) April 4, 2017

First time ever black ppl are happy that a black person losing their job to a white person. Bye Sage Steele. LOL

— Jay Anderson (@jayserius) April 4, 2017

We knew something wasn't right with Sage Steele when this happened.

— Tech Man (@TechMan103) April 4, 2017

Sage Steele came in for work and ESPN was like

— Lo (@JustMe_Lo) April 4, 2017

When ESPN broke the news to Sage Steele that she was getting replaced on NBA Countdown:

— BK (@bk17__) April 4, 2017

Sage Steele will land nicely on Fox Sports 1 and her and Jason Whitelock will host a show together called, "We're the Good Kind"

— Coach 100 (@ACoachNamedJosh) April 4, 2017

sage steele made it a point to separate herself from the negro community so if they wanna tap dance on her grave, i'll provide a playlist.

— Shyne Coldchain Jr. (@Smooth_Orator) April 4, 2017

It’s safe to say that we won’t miss Sage Steele!

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