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Matt Jordan Lashes Out at RHOA Husbands Peter Thomas & Todd Tucker »

After erupting on Kenya Moore repeatedly in person and countless times on Instagram, Matt Jordan, Kenya’s latest ex, decided to switch things up and shift his target to someone else for a change. In a seemingly unprovoked social media press release, Matt Jordan claims that one of the sources of strife between him and Kenya […]

Drake Comes Face to Face with His R&B Dream Diva Sade »

When it comes to legends in the game, Sade is one of the ones whose work and craft speaks for itself. She’s not one to hit the award show circuit regularly. She minds her business and stays in her lane, but Sade is the queen of all those vibe artists (Jhene Aiko, Tinashe, Kehlani, etc.) […]

Manny Halley Countersues Young Thug’s Finance Goons for $50 Million to Clear His Name »

One of the most underestimated and unappreciated jobs in the music industry is that of the artist’s manager. You think Sean Spicer has it bad being Donald Trump’s White House press secretary is a shit job, but can you imagine trying to navigate the emotional and intellectual chaos of steering Young Thug’s music career toward […]

Notorious Morning News Show Pranksters Back At It Again As Fake Strongmen »

Anyone who works on an early morning, local news show knows it’s not the most glamorous of jobs. Sure, it could be a stepping stone to something bigger, but in all actuality it’s just an attempt to fill those early morning hours with something that at least resembles decent television for the 15 people watching […]

Christopher Vasata: Man Who Murdered 3 People in Jupiter, Florida Arrested »

Last February, the small town of Jupiter, Florida was rocked by a triple homicide that left three young people dead on the night of the Super Bowl. It was the worst shooting in the town since 2009, and since then, there had been no arrests in the incident, although they did have a person of […]