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Cardi B Claps Back on Twitter After Being Dragged for Calling Black Women “Roaches”

Build you up, to break you down—that’s the name of the game. Just when Cardi B thought she had a surefire shot to the top of pop culture (thanks to the recent popularity and success of her new single “Bodak Yellow”) she was brought back down to life after being dragged on Twitter over a number of old tweets folks deemed racist and transphobic.

The other day, a Twitter user and former Cardi B fan (@WokeMutant) took it upon himself dig up old tweets in a Twitter thread that he has dubbed “Thread of Cardi B. calling dark-skinned black women roaches.”

In the thread, a series of clap-backs can be found to and from Cardi over the past year or so. Some of tweets have been deleted, but we salvaged some screenshots—because the Internet is forever! Nonetheless, the thread details a series of unfortunate of events that have called some of Cardi’s commentary into question.

Fans were also quick to point out the reality star’s unapologetic transphobia, which can be considered odd because she is heavily embraced and supported by the LGBTQ+ community.

Thread of Cardi B. calling dark-skinned black women roaches:

— Jumah ?? (@WokeMutant) August 9, 2017

"If my man cheat on me. I'ma get him drunk and let a tranny rape him"

— (avatarcmoney) (@bitchrunmyfade_) August 9, 2017

I called myself a roach it's a word tha I use a lot .Your WHITE ASS IS THE ONE WHO USING AS A RACE SHIT SO STFU

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) August 10, 2017

Cardi quickly caught on to the thread and offered her less than stellar defense by replying directly to @WokeMutant, saying, “I called myself a roach it’s a word that I use a lot. Your WHITE ASS IS THE ONE WHO USING AS A RACE SHIT SO STFU.” To which he replied with a series of tweets continuing to put Cardi in a seat she was begging to take.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s diehard fans made it clear they had the former Love & Hip Hop star’s back:

You and everyone like yourself just wanna cry & complain about everything. Grow a spine & thick skin.

— ?+? (@APrincessBoy) August 10, 2017

Y'all really on here acting like nicki isn't spitting shit about other women?? have none of you listened to her music like tf

— cass (@cassidymooonn) August 10, 2017

Cardi B is definitely black soooo….

— indigo child (@goaloriented_) August 10, 2017

man half of these aren't even her calling women roaches, stay in your lane.

— mza (@killamusu) August 10, 2017

The fact it's so many people offended by someone who defended their self, apologized and showed receipts y'all be too mad over nothing ?

— snapchat; naajibaby (@naajiaalim) August 10, 2017

Nicki Minaj did the exact same thing and any more. Why not make a thread on all rappers who have said shit like that??

— ? (@WinnyMelanin) August 10, 2017

— Truth B Told (@BarzFan) August 10, 2017

They joking back and forth … why would a man go so deep in trying to destroy a female for FoH this shit weak as fuck

— ??MsKissMyAss ?? (@ThiCC_BraZiLiaN) August 11, 2017

s/o: Dominique Dabs, Respect My Region

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